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Executive Information
“We drilled into our employees that if it’s not in Expandable, it didn’t happen. It’s gotta be in Expandable” Expandable Customer – President & CEO, Implemented Expandable in an executive position at two successful startups. Expandable’s EXECUTIVE INFORMATION module is a simple but powerful business intelligence tool that provides company decision-makers with quick snapshots of key business performance information. Summary data is extracted from Expandable and other third-party databases in real-time to deliver up-to-the-minute visibility of key performance indicators. With the ability to easily monitor critical business metrics, managers throughout the enterprise gain more timely access to the key decision criteria that lead to higher productivity and increased profitability.

Standard & AD-HOC Reporting
Expandable Customers are realizing 21% “improvement in time to decision” per analyst benchmarks after implementation and able to react faster to their business activities. A key benefit of an integrated business system is having a unified database where transactions are recorded so they can be accessed for real-time reporting and analysis. Expandable takes full advantage of its SQL Server database platform by offering customers an assortment of reporting tools and options that provide stakeholders across every level and department the ability to access data using tools that match their needs and skill set. With hundreds of standard inquiries and reports available from day one, Expandable users are immediately able to monitor interdepartmental business functions using industry-standard metrics and analysis. Using the power of Crystal Reports™, Excel pivot tables, Expandable's own Query by Example and other reporting and analytics options, users can customize the way they view data to reflect their unique strategic business model.

Report Manager
The REPORT MANAGER integrates custom and standard reporting within Expandable, where user rights to access and execute reports are maintained by system security. With a practical menu tree layout and interactive settings editors, Report Manager simplifies custom reporting by providing an easy-to-use framework for navigating through and running reports. Expandable standard reports can be copied, then modified to individual specifications, making it easy to create efficient custom reports that deliver exact information. Adjust and save default settings and prompts on pre-existing reports to streamline execution. Custom reports are conveniently stored along with standard reports, and are executed whether or not Crystal Reports is loaded on individual desktops.