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High Technology Package

Flexible ERP for a Rapidly Changing Business Environment, “Expandable truly became a business partner through this [implementation and support] process and helped manage the anxiety I personally experienced dealing with a company-wide system conversion” - VP of Finance & Business Service,

Neurosurgery Products Expandable Customer.
With incredibly fast product life cycles, fierce competition, and a landscape where the only constant is change, you're vying in an exhilarating industry where the timid need not apply. To sustain and grow your share of the market you've got to be innovative while remaining grounded to sound business principles.

Expandable's complete solution gives you the flexibility to stretch your ingenuity while providing the structure needed to run a high performance operation that remains profitable even while managing rapid growth.
Streamlining Your Business

To maximize your opportunities, you must drive your latest products to market faster while continuously lowering the costs associated with producing your legacy products. Expandable's end-to-end integration of front and back office systems keeps your organization in synch and streamlines interaction with supply chain partners for quick and efficient procurement and delivery. You gain an accelerated time to market and significant cost reductions.

Expandable has defined the unique business requirements of your industry and designed product competencies that help you manage your electronics manufacturing operation for greater profitability.

• Standard Costing
• Lot and Serial Number Tracking
• Engineering Change Management
• Backflushing
• Online Order Management
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
• Quality Management
• Business Intelligence
• Configuration Control
• Forecasting and Demand Planning
• Bar Coding
• Multi-level Bills of Materials
• KanBan Processing
• Contract Manufacturing
• Seamless PLM interface

Expandable's solution for electronics manufactures is proven by some of the industry's most successful venture-funded technology manufacturers. You'll gain complete control over your operation and a clear path to the top of your industry.