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Quality & Regulatory

Expandable ERP Integration For Quality
Expandable’s strategic partnership with AssurX provides customers an integrated platform for building quality management functions and processes that can be configured to fit the specific needs of companies operating under government and industry-regulated quality standards. Expandable ERP Integration for AssurX includes four core quality management functions as an out-of-the-box startup solution:

• Supplier quality
• Non-conformance
• Customer complaints
• Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

Because AssurX is a core platform, quality functions can be validated against FDA compliance and other industry requirements.

Quality Events/Actions
“…appreciate the time and attention you give everyone involved...” - Quality Engineering, Expandable Customer. Expandable’s optional Quality Events and Actions module is designed to provide quality-conscious manufacturers an across-the-board option for tracking and logging of quality issues that impact their direct business, their supply chain and customers. Use the Quality Event tab to log the details of a quality event and assign one or more actions designed to contain, investigate, resolve, validate, prevent and close the event issue. Whether the result is a simple quality process or more involved procedure like an eight disciplined quality resolution process, the Quality Event tab provides a method for designing and codifying corrective actions.

The optional Quality Parameters (QP) module defines specification parameters (Min/Max/Ave) for parts, with the ability to define measurement instructions for common or like parameters. Users gain the ability to electronically capture multiple measurements against a product’s defined parameters with general in or out of min/max specification results and tolerances as compared to average typical specification. The Quality Parameters module provides an engineering and/or production quality assurance organization electronic capture with the capability to pre-define a product’s specifications and instructions for measurement and then collect measured inspection data, process control measurements, process audit information, final inspection data, returned product evaluation and other critical product validation information.