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Security & Business Monitoring Products

Expandable Customers are realizing 21% “improvement in time to decision” per analyst benchmarks after implementation and able to react faster to their business activities. EXPANDABLE ALERTS is a versatile productivity tool that monitors your data and systems to identify and act on critical, time-sensitive business events. Expandable Alerts saves thousands of dollars in lost revenue and hundreds of hours in lost productivity by helping identify and prevent fires before they start.

As events occur, Expandable Alerts keeps your operation running smoothly by simultaneously:

• sending out alert messages
• dynamically updating databases
• scheduling and delivering reports
• executing pre-defined tasks  

Expandable Alerts also saves your organization time and materials by automating repetitive processes and initiating timely delivery of important business information. Whether it’s delivering email notifications and updates to customers and supply chain partners, or monitoring the status of your data to alert management of exceptions, Expandable Alerts is a proactive tool that ensures your management, customers and supply chain partners never have to say “If only we had known.”

Advanced Access Security
The Advanced Security module builds upon Expandable’s internal system security to provide extended capabilities that meet the special requirements of customers operating under guidelines set forth by regulatory agencies. Whether or not password encryption is turned on, the Advanced Security Module provides an option to track attempts by unauthorized users to log into the Expandable application. Attempts by authorized users of Expandable that try to run modules within the Expandable application for which they do not have security rights are also logged. The Advanced Security module allows the System Administrator to temporarily suspend a user (e.g. deem the person inactive/locked out).

Activity Audit Log
Expandable’s Audit Log module creates an audit trail of changes made to the database by automatically recording all additions, modifications, or deletions to any selected table and column in Expandable. The Audit Log module helps assure database integrity and security, and is an important component for maintaining compliance with regulatory agencies requiring audit trails. The Audit Log module identifies what data was changed, which individual made the change, and when they did it, regardless of the application used to change the data. Changes are captured in a History Table that logs the exact data that was modified, including before and after images of the data. The history table can be queried, printed, exported, or extracted and archived.