Expandable ERP | Integration for Salesforce CRM

Expandable ERP Integration for Salesforce CRM

EXANDABLE ERP INTEGRATION FOR SALESFORCE CRM connects your Expandable ERP business infrastructure with the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) product for an enterprise-wide 360 degree view of customer activity. With bi-directional integration between Expandable and Salesforce CRM your organization will enjoy a complete front and back office solution providing visibility and control of the customer management process from customer acquisition through product delivery and support.

“We've been running Integration in production since mid-December 2012 and are very happy with the results. We started out launching each module of Integration on demand, just so we could track the results of each process in a controlled fashion. Today we are running all of the modules on a schedule and simply monitoring reports for any errors. This is saving an enormous amount of time for Sales Ops, both in keeping EOD and SFDC in synch and in streamlining the creation of SOs. Plus, having eliminated manual updates, data integrity vastly improved” - Director, Program Management and IT Business Processes, Expandable Green Technology Customer.