Expandable ERP | Consignment Inventory

Consignment Inventory

The Consignment Inventory (CI) module tracks inventory items consigned to customers, sales reps or dealers as loaners, evaluation units or products on consignment for sale when used. The CI module also provides tracking of lot controlled and serialized parts located in consignment inventories. A sales order or RMA line with a Ship Type of "C" identifies the line as either a shipment from an in-house inventory (e.g. finished goods) to a consignment inventory or a return from consignment inventory to an in-house inventory. A normal sales order is used to make the final shipment/sale of an item in consignment inventory. Shipments/Returns Entry is used to record the actual movement of in-house inventory to or from Consigned Inventory, Loaner Inventory and Evaluation Inventory. The IC module reports and inquiries provide status and transaction movement information for consignment inventory, the same as for in-house inventory. A Consigned Inventory report combines stock status information with serial number, lot and sales order information. Ownership of consignment inventory is the same as in-house inventory.