Expandable ERP | Master Scheduling & Planning

Master Scheduling & Planning

Best-in-Class industry businesses realize improvements in manufacturing schedule compliance achieving 18% improvement on average, while Expandable Customers enjoy a 3% higher improvement rate of 21% improvement. MASTER SCHEDULING is key to effectively planning the manufacturing activities of your business. It provides versatile functions to help you create and maintain the company’s Master Production Schedule (MPS) for finished products and service parts. Planning bills are supported to streamline and simplify your forecasting operations. The Master Schedule forecast can be automatically created from forecasted sales; quotations and actual demand (see Sales Order Management). Forecasts can also be manually entered, uploaded from your favorite forecasting/modeling software or from a simple spreadsheet. Multiple versions of the forecast can be maintained for “what-if” simulation. Available to promise, projected on hand and planned order releases for MPS parts is available during sales order entry as well as system-wide. Master Schedules may be automatically passed to the Materials Management function for use in Material Requirements Planning (MRP).