Expandable ERP | Shop Floor Routing

Shop Floor Routing

Expandable Customers, per market analyst, exceed the industry’s average manufacturing schedule compliance by 5% with a 93% compliance rating. Detailed, accurate scheduling, costing and WIP tracking are achieved through the SHOP ROUTING system that provides routing master data, defining the sequence of operations required to manufacture a part. Data maintained by each operation includes operation code, work center/vendor, queue hours, set-up hours, run hours, move hours, yield percentage and procedure descriptions. A vendor can be referenced if the work is performed at an outside manufacturer. Flexibility includes tooling control and alternate routings per product. A utility is provided for calculating daily work center labor and machine loads for open operations on routing jobs, using setup and run hours. Each operation’s load is based on the balance currently at the operation plus any expected quantity yet to be delivered from a prior operation. Positioned by Shop Day, the resultant load can be compared to capacity in graphical format on the Work Center Load report.