Expandable ERP | Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management

Expandable Customers push industry Best-In-Class (BIC) with 96% complete and on time shipments and improvement rates of 19%, higher than industry BIC by two points. Expandable’s SALES ORDER MANAGEMENT system controls all phases of customer order processing including quotations, forecasts, committed orders, available to promise, shipments and return authorizations. Real-time automatic credit checking at both order entry and shipment time ensure proper credit control. Multi-level pricing allows the pricing structure to be established at the customer and/or part level. Serial numbers are tracked for both shipping and customer returns. Sales history is maintained by customer and part number. Sales Order integrates with Configuration Control to create unique product configurations at order entry time. Inquiries display customer status information including customer master, sales order, sales history, AR invoice, AR check, serial number and job data.