Expandable ERP | Electronic Data Transmission

Electronic Data Transmission (Supplier Trading Partners)

Expandable's ELECTRONIC DATA TRANSMISSION (EDT) module provides import and export capabilities for data rich translation and mapping into standard EDI documents. To support the broad range of EDI options between two business partners, Expandable provides comprehensive export data sets and a minimum import data set in flat file formats transmitted via SFTP to an EDI translation, mapping and delivery provider. The Value Added Network service provider or custom translation and delivery application takes the data required by the target trading partner and maps the data per user specifications and delivers them securely to the end trading partner. File transfers are supported with Secure FTP (SFTP) from Expandable to SFTP Server(s). Each trading partner is supported by their own unique FTP setup and credentials, trading data and production/test mode of delivery within the Expandable Customer Master linking to EDT Partner SFTP server.