Expandable ERP | PO From SO Create Workbench

PO From SO Create Workbench

PO FROM SO CREATE WORKBENCH provides the option to generate a Purchase Order directly from Sales Orders created in the Expandable system. A “Create PO” checkbox is added to the Sales Order Editor, allowing users to streamline the buying process by initiating a purchase order as part of the Sales Order entry process. The PO from SO Create Workbench is especially advantageous for companies outsourcing elements of production to contract manufacturers who drop ship orders directly to the end customer. Using the workbench, a buyer is able to review the buy demands before the actual purchase orders are created. The buyer is able to select all or individual orders and create POs directly from the sales order that's driving demand. The Workbench allows a buyer to complete the entire order and purchasing process without needing to re-enter information or open multiple application windows.