Genius ERP | Additional Capabilities

Additional Capabilities


     Workforce Management

Genius ERP helps businesses understand cost and optimize production by tracking man-hours on each job. Genius Employees lets you manage payroll by production order, as well as lets your employees invoice and manage costs, all on one platform.

Time Cards Module

Using barcode, mobile or touch screen technology, easily collect time from the factory floor and in the office.


Payroll Made Easy

Simultaneously tally payroll and apply hours to POs to track true-cost of jobs.


On the Road: No Problem

Attach additional expenses to jobs while in the field, as well as in your plant.



Genius ERP gives you real integrations, letting you get the job done faster and easier. Our Genius Product Engineering module integrates seamlessly with SolidWorks or Inventor, and with one click produces a bill of materials, ready for procurement and production. Don’t waste time re-entering information, eliminate redundancies, and always have synchronized data on-hand. 

You can also harness the power of your corporate data and generate accurate and real-time reports, built using Microsoft Report Building Technology. Analyze data and information from across your organization to make better business decisions. 


          Rest API

Connect 3rd-party applications, websites, and custom programs to share real-time information with dealers and customers. Being connected with your customers and potential sales outlets will make your company a top-of-mind choice to do business with.

Connect to Dealers

Give dealers access to your inventory, products and timelines, so they can connect you to end-users and increase sales.

Connect to Website Sales or Client Portal

Sync your website with Genius ERP to share information on products, inventory, and in-process jobs.

Genius REST API Features:

·       Define generic data endpoints to access selected and controlled entities in the Genius system.

·       All interactions with the API are secure and regulated based on entity rules defined in Genius ERP.

·       Swagger ( used to create interactive documentation for our REST API.

·       JSON used as the data exchange format.

·       Add and update information regarding attachments, BOMs, shipping, orders, production, Genius configurations, and more.

·       Not bound to a specific technology.


         Cloud Hosting

Whether it’s hosted on premise or on the cloud, we can deliver Genius ERP the way that works best for each of our customers. 



Our team of experts works with each individual client to determine the hosting  solution that’s best for their budget, their shop, and their unique needs. And  whether Genius ERP is hosted on the cloud or on-premise, our clients can be confident that Genius ERP will always perform optimally.