Genius ERP | Customer Relationship Management

       Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management is an essential part of running a successful business. Building strong relationships with your customers and suppliers is mutually beneficial, and ensures long-lasting and successful partnerships. Use Genius Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to oversee your entire customer lifecycle, from prospect to cash, to improve operational efficiency and to accelerate growth. Easily manage quotes, sales orders, shipping and invoicing to ensure fluid and open  communication, and to create strong relationships between you and your customers. 

Genius Customer Relationship Management Gives You:

·       Complete visibility of ALL customer interactions. With Genius ERP you get a single database to store and share all data related to your customers, eliminating the need for duplicate information. One central database ensures that all your customer-facing departments work more efficiently together to meet your customers' needs.

·       A complete sales, support, purchase, and shipping history. Our CRM accesses the ERP database, giving you all the data you need to support the sales and quoting process.

·       A head start by getting request for quotes out the door fast and accurately. Based on your buying history, generate RFQs to preferred vendors in fewer steps.

·       Real-time and historical data to accurately manage your prospects, customers and vendors. Access invoicing, job status, shipments and quoting data in real-time, for any area of your manufacturing operation.