Genius ERP | Hinds-Bock

Case Study: Hinds-Bock

Solution: Genius ERP

Industry: Food and Cosmetic Equipment Manufacturing

Location: Bothell, WA U.S.


About The Company


Hinds-Bock is a family-run food and cosmetics equipment manufacturing company that was founded in 1962 as Philip Bock Corp. They build custom equipment for custom production lines and provide a standard catalogue of parts and equipment.



The Situation


Hinds-Bock is dedicated to meeting the needs of food production, bakery, cosmetics and specialty chemical companies for high quality piston and servo depositing/filling equipment and systems. The company believes in maintaining the quality of its product by controlling all aspects of production. “One of the things my father told me is that you gotta be careful, because if you start relying on other people to manufacture for you, you lose the control and quality you have,” said Gary Hinds, president of Hinds-Bock Corporation. “So if you’re going to be a manufacturer, manufacture. And that stuck with me.” So when it came to an ERP system, the mid-sized manufacturer was looking for a system that would give them control and understanding over every aspect of production, that way they could ensure their high-level of quality..


The Solution

After vetting major ERP systems, conducting key-user interviews and checking multiple references, Hinds-Bock chose Genius ERP as the best fit as both a partner and as the right solution for long-term success.

Results & Benefits

Hinds-Bock realized immediate benefits at launch, including a running start on their newest orders as they went seamlessly from design to production with CAD2BOM. Genius Accounting began handling complex prepayments with ease, and the company connected accounting data with the manufacturing side of operations. “Genius takes a lot of the guesswork out of the numbers,” said Larry Riley, CFO at Hinds-Bock Corporation.

?Another big win for Hinds-Bock is the ability to better manage its order and production processes. The company can now view all information associated to one job and track progress efficiently.

“We see an opportunity to grow as a leader,” explained Hinds. “An ERP system is critical to achieve this goal, which is why we chose Genius. It’s going to be the base of our growth for the next 5 to 10 years, and we can see great things coming from it.”