Genius ERP | Bill of Materials

 Bill of Materials 

An accurate BOM ensures that your product is built right. Save on engineering, planning and purchasing time, streamline production, and guarantee projects are headache- and error-free with software that automatically converts CAD drawings into BOMs. Trust that you will always have an accurate and up-to-date BOM ready for procurement, planning, pricing, and production.


Genius CAD2BOM is designed to save time, eliminate errors, prepare inventory and fine-tune quotes and estimates at the design phase.

Genius CAD2BOM integrates with SolidWorks or Inventor, and with one click produces a bill of materials, ready for procurement and production. Don’t waste time re-entering information, always have synchronized data, and eliminate redundancies. 

Genius CAD2BOM Module Features

·  Fully configurable mapping between CAD properties and Genius fields

·  Routing functions

·  Progressive BOM release for lightweight assembly & partial transfer of project

·  SolidWorks Cutlist profiles integration

·  Inventor Frame Generator integration

·  Multiple naming and mapping options with CAD Compare and merge BOMs