Genius ERP | Production Planning

  Production Planning

Genius Production Planning allows you to schedule proactively based on delivery date or by the historical capacity of each work center in your factory. 

Change on the Fly

Simplify planning be reacting to changes from your customers in-process.


Control Day-to-day Scheduling Details

Genius ERP gives you a real-time overview of your production floor. It clarifies and structures the instructions for each task and allows you to execute tasks according to an established plan. Genius can schedule and reschedule jobs to give visibility to the production and sales teams.


Improve Throughput Over Each New Production Run

Increase throughput by prioritizing workload versus historical capacities. Have the ability to monitor in real-time timesheets and work-order completion, as well as track expenses for each job in your factory or on-site. With production planning, organize based on actual capacity by identifying constraints on current and proposed workloads.

Genius Production Planning Features:

·       Gantt charts

·       Increase throughput by prioritizing workload vs. capacity

·       Monitor timesheets and work-order completion

·       Track expenses for each job