Global Shop Solutions | Key Performance Indicators Application

Key Performance Indicators Application

Move beyond crisis management to a true leadership management culture by implementing KPI Dashboards (Key Performance Indicators) specifically designed for your manufacturing environment. Global Shop Solutions provides you the support for identifying, building and implementing industry specific key performance indicators (KPIs). Our ERP manufacturing KPI Dashboards comes standard with 50+ KPI metrics that are searchable, flexible and customizable to help build trust and ensure communication within your management team.

Proactive Decision Making
The key benefit of implementing KPI Dashboards in an organization is the creation of a culture that revolves around proactive decision making rather than reactive decision making. Predict the crisis rather than react to it. Move to a model of evidence-based management that allows you to improve predictions of market trends and collaborate effectively with your teams.

Industry-Specific Metrics
Use the Global Application Builder (GAB) to create industry-specific KPI Dashboards utilizing data within your Global Shop Solutions ERP software as well as external industry data. Drill down into data that will affect your bottom line.

Training and Business Management Tool
KPI Dashboards is a valuable training tool for new managers starting on the shop floor to easily learn management terms, data and information and put it into practice in real-time. Use this tool to help you quickly identify and spend time on the areas of your business that require your attention to maximize efficiency and improvements.