Global Shop Solutions | Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management
Global Shop Solutions takes customer relationship management to a new level with “single-screen simplicity.”
  • Everything you need to know about a customer or prospect - from order history to work in progress to credit rating and payment status - is instantly available from one central screen. With nothing more than a P.O. number, employees can: 
  • Access all customer information, including job title and function, multiple email accounts, multiple contact numbers, and more
  • Track new sales tied to a prospect or a customer, forecast the sale close date, or research the sale dollars, type of sale, and ship date. 
  • Drill down to access financial information, such as payment history, credit limits and days outstanding.
  • Document customer preferences, quality issues and other information vital to building strong customer relationships.

Never again will your employees have to waste time using stand-alone systems, Excel spreadsheets, etc. And never again will you have to tell a customer, “I can’t seem to track down that information. Let me get back to you.”