Global Shop Solutions | Sales


Build reliable models for sales forecasting through Global Shop Solutions powerful CRM.  Sales forecasting capabilities integrate a wide range of prospect and opportunity data as reported within the system.  Features include:

  • Fully integrated with Global Shop’s One-System ERPTM software
  • Single point of entry to access all of the key information of your customers, prospects, and vendors
  • Opportunities/campaigns
  • Open sales orders, open shipments, sales history, work orders
  • Website information
  • All notes
  • To-do lists
  • Ability to create quotes and sales orders from an opportunity
  • Extensive searching capabilities
  • Reporting
  • Versatile contact management screen includes prompting for all daily events including customer follow-up, sales campaign management, letter creation, labels, and email
  • Extensive sales funnel with reminders
  • Forecast modeling
Sales Opportunity & Marketing Management 
Through Global Shop Solutions CRM, sales and marketing staff can keep close tabs on orders and accounts in terms of status, opportunities, sales, and service.  Key data is available 24/7 from any location to ensure continuous visibility into your sales pipeline for increased management of prospects and customers.  Evaluate opportunities as they move through the sales cycle and measure results against sales forecasts.