Global Shop Solutions | H&R Manufacturing and Supply

Case Study: H & R Manufacturing


Solution: Global Shop Solutions

Industry: Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

Location: East Texas, U.S.



About The Company 


Founded in 1980 by Harvey Hivnor, H & R Manufacturing maintains a product quality level foreign competition finds hard to achieve. Small American shops are proving they can win new markets for their goods. H&R Manufacturing and Supply, a workholding tool producer located deep in the piney woods of East Texas, lives this philosophy every day. In fact, it is the uncompromising faith in their skills and lean business model that has given H&R the edge they need to face foreign competition head-on.


The Situation


H&R’s initial foray into ERP began as a growing need for shop control. Today, H&R incorporates Global Shop Solutions as the foundation of their ERP approach in building their workholding jaws, chucks, right angle drives, steady rests, V-blocs, adapters, and thrust bearings.

Derek Hivnor, H&R vice president and general manager reflects, “It’s a family-run company and I’ve grown up here and have been in the business all my life. Early on, we were using an accounting system to run the shop, and then in the 1990’s, with about 170 machines out on the floor, we started to realize we needed a strong ERP software system. That’s when we talked to Global Shop Solutions, bought and implemented the system, and we’ve been very happy with it ever since.”


The Solution


Global Shop Solutions brings to H&R the control and costing that is vital in an increasingly competitive global economy. The formula of high quality plus price value is where H&R has staked their claim on the workholding tool marketplace. Hivnor states that efficiency through costing and productivity is responsible for H&R remaining a powerful competitor in their industry.


According to Hivnor, “Global Shop Solutions is one system that does everything. We mainly got it as a shop floor control system, and we’ve implemented more and more functionality as time has passed and Global Shop Solutions has increased their capabilities. From payroll to accounting to shop floor control, it focuses everything for us in such a way that we no longer need multiple systems to keep track of the numbers.”


Results & Benefits


Over the years, H&R has increasingly become a proficient user of nearly all aspects of Global Shop Solutions ERP software. It’s the mark of excellence in a continuous improvement approach, and something that H&R takes great pride in as a testimony to their diligent dedication for shop management. Their successful use of the complete

Global Shop Solutions system is also a major factor in controlling costs in order to build profitability during both downturns and upswings in business.


“I use Supply and Demand the most—I can see it all there, and so the Supply and Demand screen helps minimize the number of places I have to go to get information,” observes Hivnor. 


As Hivnor relates, “We installed the Advanced Planning and Scheduling system and it’s been a great help to us. Also, Global Shop Solutions is an important tool for keeping track of the orders, and the various reports we use—they all help tell you where you are and where you need to be. In fact, we use Crystal Reports everyday.  Generally, the flow of the shop has improved tremendously with Global Shop Solutions.”