Global Shop Solutions | Metalia MS

Case Study: Metalia MS


Solution: Global Shop Solutions

Industry: Metal Fabrication Manufacturing

Location: Monterrey, Mexico



About The Company 


Headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, Metalia MS is a contract manufacturer that provides precision sheet metal fabrication for customers in Mexico and around the globe. The family-owned business serves a wide variety of industries ranging from automotive, lighting and HVAC to mining, oil and gas, and aerospace. However, the electrical equipment industry comprises the largest segment of their business. Using hot- and cold-rolled steel, stainless

steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, Metalia makes a variety of internal and external parts, including those used in electrical transformers.


Founded in 1981, Metalia employs about 850 people and operates production plants in three separate locations. Committed to quality products delivered on time, Metalia is ISO 9001:2008 certified.



The Situation


More than a decade ago, Metalia designed and built their own ERP system to help manage the growing business. It worked well for a number of years, but eventually the company outgrew its limited capabilities. Project manager, Patricio Narro was assigned the task of researching outside ERP systems, and after a lengthy search settled on Global Shop Solutions.


“We looked at several different systems – big and small,” Narro recalls, “but most systems were too generalized and did not meet our requirements. We ended up choosing Global Shop Solutions for several reasons. The software focused strictly on manufacturing, it is built by people who are manufacturers first and software programmers second, and the price is very competitive.


“As we got to know the company, which is also family owned, we discovered we spoke the same language and shared similar values. We didn’t want to be looking for another ERP system in five or 10 years, and Global Shop Solutions felt like the perfect fit in terms of both the product and the company.”


The Solution


Metalia decided to go all in at implementation, using all the standard modules achieving what most customers take two phases to do. After several months of learning the basics of the system, initial training, and preparing to transfer the data from their old system, Metalia went live with the software in April of 2016.


Results & Benefits


Working hand-in-hand with the Global Shop Solutions implementation consultants, Narro and his team have steadfastly worked through the issues that arose early on and

are continuing to make improvements every day.


Thanks to their continuing hard work, the software is already having a dramatic impact on many areas of the business – starting with inventory. “We have much better control over all aspects of inventory, including raw materials, WIP and finished goods,” says Narro. “We’re miles ahead of where we were with our old system. We have less WIP, fewer raw materials and more finished goods going out the door.”


Narro also credits the software with helping improve communication and coordination throughout the business.