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Global Shop Solutions Quality
Quality starts with a very orderly, well-defined work flow which requires minimal input in tracking, costing, and quality. Global Shop Solutions One-System ERPTM was developed by listening to the customer and includes many options which make the system easy to use in many different environments.

Tired of scrap and rejects eating into your profits? You can win the scap/reject parts battle with Global Shop Solutions Quality. As reject parts are tracked through your shop, the system captures the work in process value up to the moment it was scrapped and communicates seamlessly to your Quality Department.
The Global Shop Solutions Quality system is easy to set up and gives you firm control from start to finish.

• Create a table of reject reason codes. 
• Purchasing and manufacturing rejects are captured to the Global Shop Solutions Quality database and given a tracking number.
• Timecard entry and online shop floor are written to a quality file.
• Isolate Quality Information by tracking number, date, part number, part description, workorder, vendor, purchase order, receiver, or department.
• Select a Disposal Action from the following options:
• Accept As Is, Scrap, Rework on Same WO-Rework Sequence, Rework on
• New WO, Create New PO, Put Back on Original PO,
• Return to Vendor.

The Global Shop Solutions Quality system measures quality many ways. You can:
• View scrap trend dollars by date range, workcenter, op code, vendor, department, employee, and scrap reason code.
• Report on the cost of quality for your shop.
• Isolate major areas of quality and focus your efforts for continuous improvement.

Quality Control Application

With Global Shop Solutions ERP Quality Control application, your manufacturing management team can isolate and measure the quality components of manufactured and purchased parts in your manufacturing business. The Quality Control application allows you to breakdown scrap trend quantity or cost by date range, vendor, department, employee, various codes or work center. You measure quality in the way that works best for your business, allowing you to focus on improving quality in the areas that will impact your manufacturing business the most.

Simplify Managing Rework, Rejects and Scrap
Improve your quality efforts with simplified data entry and reporting for rework, rejects and scrap. The Quality Control application allows customization of definable reject and discrepancy codes for easier tracking. Keep your quality database accurate and efficient by capturing all purchasing, inventory and manufacturing rejects with specific control numbers, while tracking disposal actions with various coded options.

Customize Control of Quality Requirements
Create customized quality records to meet internal and external QC requirements with electronic sign off and Global Shop Solutions Company Messaging System to monitor step completions. The Quality Control application allows you to keep an accurate history record of quality control details for all completed transactions for thorough documentation.

Detailed Control of Engineering Change Notices
Global Shop Solutions Quality Control application makes controlling engineered part changes simple with the use of the our engineering change control system. Control every step of part revisions or inactivations through the ERP system, including sign-off requirements, department communications and tracking.