Global Shop Solutions | Learning & Educational Services

Learning & Educational Services
The annual Global Shop Solutions Users’ Conference is a major learning opportunity for Global Shop Solutions customers in which they attend a wide variety of topic specific classes over a series of days.  New advancements and additions to the software are covered, as well as operational issues that are common to all users. 

It’s also seen as an opportunity for customers to interact directly with Global Shop Solutions instructors, R&D staff, service personnel, and each other, in order to better understand the Global Shop Solutions software system for improved productivity.

Other continuous education of the software is provided free in our weekly Friday Features program and through FastTRAINTM opportunities:

* FastTRAINTM Classes
Our thorough and ongoing FastTRAINTM classes are available on a regularly scheduled or as-needed basis for customer convenience.

* FastTRAINTM Virtual Training
Includes hundreds of learn-at-your-own-pace video courses.

Comprehensive FastHELPTM topics are listed within the Global Shop system on your PC.