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Forecasting Trust

There is nothing more critical in manufacturing than controlling inventory. But, in a roller-coaster global economy where no one is certain where the next demand will come from, commodity-based end-product production is often a tricky undertaking. It takes a great measure of intuition and capacity planning to stay competitive. In short, manufacturing mandates unerring forecasting capabilities.
Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP SolutionsTM software is designed to enhance forecasting, and to make inventory management a part of the profit formula. Working capital and carrying costs are reduced through increased inventory turnaround, better visibility to the supply chain and your vendors, and improved capacity planning.
Through a robust Advanced Planning and Schedule system (APS), in combination with Automated Purchasing, Global Shop Solutions is able to manage inventory levels for the most efficient outcomes. For manufacturers, especially those working in modes such as make-to-stock, accurate forecasting is a treasured commodity.
Global Shop Solutions’ Forecasting Features

• Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS), and production/capacity planning
• Dynamically manage inventory requirements
• Automated notification of purchasing requirements
• Inventory tracking
• Multi-location inventory/manufacturing
• Inventory supply & demand
• Automated purchasing and vendor tracking
• Purchasing/receiving, purchase history
• Cycle counting
• Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
• Lot & serial number tracking
• Consolidated parts list
• Inventory status of multi-level BOM