IFS Applications 10 | IFS General Summary/Features

IFS General Summary/Features 

IFS cross-functional components provide you with a set of powerful tools that streamline, simplify, and handle critical processes found within most industries and businesses. 

IFS Document Management

IFS Document Management™ gives you full control over your company’s documentation. It handles the creation and development process for documents and includes easy-to-use search tools. Other functionality includes workflow, templates, version and release management, support for invoice scanning (OCR) and redlining. 

IFS Quality Management

IFS Quality Management™ provides a fully integrated solution that streamlines and standardizes quality management data across the entire value chain. It covers a wide area of functionality, from quality control, including Control Plans, SPC Charts, and Capability Indices, to quality assurance areas such as FMEA, Quality Audits, Non-Conformance Reporting, MRB and CAPA.

IFS IoT Business Connector 

IFS IoT Business ConnectorTM reduces risks and accelerates your IoT initiatives by helping you transform raw data into actionable insights that are planned and optimized in IFS Applications. IFS IoT Business Connector provides a reference architecture, all the plumbing to get things working, the IoT Discovery Manager to manage insight discovery using Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, and the IoT Controller used to configure the right action to be taking in response to IoT observations.

IFS Reporting & Analysis  

IFS Business Reporting and Analysis™ helps you understand and analyze your business with pre-built analysis models for everything from finance and HR to sales and procurement. The Analysis Models are accessible from Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerBI®, IFS Lobby and most popular reporting and analysis tools. IFS Business Reporter is an Excel based business reporting and planning tool. It can be used as a report tool or as an integrated part of budgeting and business planning.

IFS Lobbies 

IFS Lobbies™ provide an at-a-glance view of real-time information in IFS Applications based on your role or the processes you work in. You will clearly see what to focus on and what needs your attention, and you can quickly see problem areas or where there are exceptions to deal with. IFS Lobbies are easily tailored to your business’ unique needs. 

IFS B2B Solutions

IFS B2B™ solutions let you invite your customers, suppliers and sub-contractors to participate in your business process via the intuitive and easy-to-use browser-based IFS Aurena user experience. Processes covered include subcontracted manufacturing, service, subcontract work order, sales, and procurement.