IFS Applications 10 | Constraint Based Scheduling

IFS Constraint Based Scheduling   

IFS Constraint Based SchedulingTM optimizes the production schedule based on the critical resources that limit production capacity, such as equipment, tools, and personnel. It centers on an interactive Gantt chart with very sophisticated drag-and-drop planning. Scheduling can be done both manually and with the help of advanced algorithms, with or without finite capacity.  By identifying production bottlenecks, you can deliver on time and keep production costs under control. Multisite, multilevel capability check gives you an advanced tool for accurate delivery time estimation. IFS Constraint Based Scheduling can also be used in a work order context to optimize maintenance plans based on craft, tools and material constraints.  Advanced Planning Board (APB) is a part of this component and offers an increased focus on planners, and planner needs for functional and graphical support during the “hands on” scheduling process. The solution can also be used for what-if scenarios that simulate based on selected shop orders, e.g. resource breaks down and analyze the consequences.