IFS Applications 10 | Manufacturing Summary

IFS Manufacturing Summary

IFS Applications has long offered manufacturers an agile solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP).  From the start, IFS recognized the need of manufacturers to operate seamlessly across multiple manufacturing modes. Manufacturing has become more complex, and today IFS Applications helps more and more manufacturers operate in any combination of - Make-to-stock, Make-to-order, Configure-to-order, Batch process, and Engineer-Procure-Construct.

The IFS manufacturing components support all phases of the manufacturing process for all your employees, making it easier to plan, execute, control, and analyze many types of manufacturing. This powerful, multifaceted solution offers a simple, highly automated flow for handling repetitive tasks with advanced management-by-exception functionality to trap and action exceptions. It also supports lean principles and mixed-mode manufacturing, where different types of processing coexist in the same manufacturing environment.