IFS Applications 10 | Repetitive Manufacturing

IFS Repetitive Manufacturing 

IFS Repetitive Manufacturing™ improves your efficiency by reducing, and even eliminating, transactions in the manufacturing process. IFS Repetitive Manufacturing supports Kanban, orderless receipts, backflush and superflush with lot/batch and serial tracking as well as rate-based production schedules. Schedules can be generated manually or automatically from MRP/Master Schedule and span multiple production lines. Shop packages can be created and printed. Calculation, simulation and execution of manual cards and full electronic Kanbans are supported. Combined with IFS Planning, you can create a hybrid pull/push system using material requirements planning (MRP) to generate production line schedules, plan supplier schedules, and dimension Kanban circuits. The Kanbans trigger the call-offs based on the actual requirements. The card management functionality greatly simplifies change management, counting and tracking for manual card circuits.