IFS Applications 9.0

Business Analytics (Reports)
Business Analytics is a business intelligence solution that extends Microsoft Excel® from a desktop productivity tool to a full-fledged, enterprise-scale client for planning, reporting and analysis.

IFS’ key objective is to empower information workers to leverage business intelligence to its full potential. That is why Business Analytics is built around Excel. Design, presentation and analysis are based on Excel native functions to give you a 100% Excel experience. Meta data presented in Excel transforms data from any 
process within IFS Applications™ into logical maps that makes the information easily accessible, even for non technical business managers. You don’t need to mine transactional data sources or join tables. The result anybody with basic Excel knowledge can create and roll out fully functional enterprise reports that are presented and analyzed interactively in workbooks. A database repository simplifies the process of publishing and locating reports. Reports created  are deployed and delivered through IFS Applications providing a secure,
centralized way of generating, managing and delivering Excel spreadsheet reports. Reports can be scheduled and automatically stored within IFS Document Management, creating secure workspaces for collaborating and sharing information. Report users can take advantage of parameterized reports with drill-down and zoom-in functionality that provides instant access to related details through embedded links. It is even possible to move seamlessly to IFS Applications for the details to enable instant investigation or actions in the correct business context for the details.