IFS Applications 9.0

IFS Implementation

Focused on meeting your business requirements, IFS Implementation ensures that you get maximum value from IFS Applications every time you install it.
Getting the most value from your business software is critical to your ROI. IFS Implementation ensures that solutions based on IFS Applications are delivered fast, affordable and with the highest level of quality.

Pre-packaged, best practice accelerators Delivering solutions, which create the expected business value on time and on budget, is easy with IFS’ pre-packaged industry solution accelerators and templates. Implementation accelerators re-use knowledge from existing “best-practice” giving you an implementation that is faster, less expensive and with a higher quality.
Using pre-packaged process solutions, IFS maps your business processes to functionality that already exists within IFS Applications. By only using the best functionality from IFS Applications, you get a comprehensive off-the-shelf solution with fewer modifications.

One need – one solution
Implementing the right solution to meet the needs of all your sites is challenging but extremely cost-effective.  By implementing the right solution for a balanced set of processes in one location. Then IFS replicates the same solution at all the sites you identify that need the same set of harmonized processes. You get added value by implementing the same solution for the same need in all sites – plus, a magnified ROI with little extra effort.

By using IFS Services Manager, a collaborative toolkit, you get complete visibility into your project. With its easy-to-access and use web portal interface, you, your partners and IFS can work together or separately to implement IFS Applications. The role-based view gives everyone access to the information they need to get their job done on time, on budget.