Infor Distribution FACTS | Minnesota Glove, Inc.

Minnesota Glove, Inc.
Company: Minnesota Glove, Inc.
Solution: Info ERP
Product: FACTS Relationship Management
Industry: Manufacturing and Distribution
Country: U.S.A.
About the company
Minnesota Glove, Inc. is the largest distributor of industrial work gloves and protective clothing in the Upper Midwest. In addition to a wide variety of gloves, it supplies safety glasses, hard hats, work boots, support belts, and other protective gear. The company is constantly adding new lines of personal protective equipment to its product offerings, including a suite of first-aid equipment and products. Its sales representatives service customers throughout the region and manage its open-to-the-public retail outlet at its headquarters in West St. Paul, Minnesota.

Setting the strategy
Minnesota Glove sells to manufacturers who are consolidating their vendors in an effort to streamline operations and manage costs. With this increased industry pressure, it is critical for Minnesota Glove to bring added value to its business-to-business relationships. The company is achieving this through top-notch
 customer service and creative problem solving thanks to Infor™ ERP FACTS Relationship Management.
Building better value and cultivating relationships are key strategies that differentiate Minnesota Glove from others in their industry. “Originally, I thought the Relationship Management System would only be used by our sales team. Now I see that this software also serves our purchasing, accounts receivable, and management departments,” says Bob Ludes, president/CEO of Minnesota Glove. “Now we all have access to a wealth of information in just one or two keystrokes.”

Getting business specific
To build stronger relationships with its clients, Minnesota Glove must have a solid understanding of each client’s business needs and requirements. Ludes realizes that better communication and access to more accurate information helps his entire staff serve its clients more efficiently and with higher consistency. Infor ERP FACTS Relationship Management allows the company to manage prospects, customers, and vendors with greater continuity due to a more seamless information transfer.
Minnesota Glove uses the Infor ERP FACTS Relationship Management database to canvass new accounts and territories by loading purchase prospect lists directly into the application. This process improves productivity and gives customers a feeling of confidence that all the processes at Minnesota Glove are equally well coordinated and efficient. With Infor ERP FACTS
Relationship Management, it is much easier to identify the status of a given account and to take appropriate actions knowing that each person is in step. Errors and miscommunication are dramatically reduced and customers receive better service.

Results and Benefits
Before Infor ERP FACTS Relationship Management, consistency was a key issue facing Minnesota Glove. Sales representatives needed to use the same tools and follow uniform processes, a goal that the application allowed them to accomplish. Infor ERP FACTS Relationship Management made both current and past sales activity visible to all the associates, thereby creating greater accountability
throughout the sales department. Minnesota Glove instituted internal practices to make it easier to check on the status and the account history. Centralized information gives the staff access to all
customer information in a main location. For example, customer complaints, credit and collections, and customer returns can all be viewed through sales activity. “Customer calls are much more efficient because I can get to all the information I need from the same screen,” says Ann Thomas, sales representative. The result is quick access to accurate information, which improves customer satisfaction. Infor ERP FACTS Relationship Management also functions as a marketing and remote sales tool. The broadcast email and fax capabilities enable Minnesota Glove to build brand recognition and allow it to remain visible to its clients, serving as a good reminder to both existing and potential customers of its many products and services. The built-in email and fax capabilities also help the company’s salespeople stay connected while on the road. Each salesperson can access Infor ERP FACTS remotely and use
the many relationship management capabilities to process quotes, access contact information, and send emails or PDF attachments to its customers. The improved access to information and consistent communication keeps everyone in the loop and continues to enhance service levels.

Infor ERP FACTS Relationship Management has also streamlined Minnesota Glove’s purchasing process. Vendor information is loaded into the application database, enabling the purchasing manager to schedule follow-ups for tracking confirmations and expected deliveries. Purchase orders are faxed directly from the relationship management module within Infor ERP FACTS, and direct email is extremely fast and easy. With key vendor profiles consolidated within a single database, checking the current status of a given account is much easier.

As a long-term Infor ERP FACTS user, Minnesota Glove is especially pleased with the quality of personalized and locally based service it receives from Infor’s solution partner, Pivotal Systems, which has helped Minnesota Glove leverage the Relationship Management system for maximum impact.

Doing business better
The true benefit of using Infor ERP FACTS and Relationship Management can best be summed up by the company’s continuing achievements. "FACTS and RM give us the ability to process orders more quickly, provide better customer service, and improve our customer relationships, which is critical to our ongoing success,” says Ludes. “Relationship Management is making a tangible difference here at Minnesota Glove. Now we have the tools to make a difference for our customers"