Infor M3 | M3 Customer Lifecycle Mgmt


Infor M3 Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a dedicated, industry-specific application for customer relationship management (CRM) designed for Infor M3 customers.

CLM is based on years of experience gained from working on CRM projects with M3 Customers within our target industries. 

Infor M3 CLM supports the automation processes of the main sales force generating leads, taking leads through opportunities into quotes and orders, managing activities including call planning and follow-ups, handling contacts and strong account management.

Infor M3 CLM is a modern online application based on proven Infor M3 technologies such as the Grid, Event Hub, Smart Office, Mashups, Enterprise Search, Document Archive Foundation, etc. Infor CLM integrates in the customer’s email system such as Microsoft Outlook.

Being built on the same infrastructure as Infor M3, the CLM application combines industry-specific CRM and M3 transactional processes in a unique way to deliver a truly holistic view of customers and prospects. CLM provides all the relevant CRM processes and/or information in your favorite work environment such as Smart Office, your web browser, smart devices (phones & tablets), or e mail. And unlike typical best-of-breed CRM solutions, CLM is built for Infor M3 and for the Infor M3 target industries.