Infor M3 | M3 Supply Chain Planning

M3 Supply Chain Planning


Infor M3 Supply Chain Planning application suite provides decision support, order visibility and optimizes delivery performance and profits in resource constrained organizations.

It is for medium sized, product-centric businesses that are resource constrained. It has specific appeal for manufacturers and distributors that need to maximize delivery performance and profitability by optimizing the utilization of their existing resources.

The solution is differentiated by its deep industry functionality and high level of cooperation between applications which minimizes users’ time spent interacting with the system and the total cost of ownership.

• Distribution Requirements Planning
• Forecasting
• Master Production Scheduling
• Material Planning
• Rough Cut Capacity Planning
• Global Capable-to-Promise
• Supply Chain Connected Orders
• Advanced Planning Products
• Planning Workbench for Fashion
• Planning Workbench for Equipment
• Planning Workbench for Food & Beverage
• Demand Planner
• Supply Chain Planner
• Stock Build Optimizer
• Scheduling Workbench (SWB) for Equipment
• Yield Optimizer
• Assortment and Replenishment Planner
• Fresh Food Planner