Infor VISUAL | Enterprise Asset Mgmt

Enterprise Asset Management
An effective enterprise asset management solution for monitoring and managing the deployment, performance, and maintenance of company assets may be the single most important tool for preventing operational surprises and uncovering hidden profits.

Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) enables manufacturers, distributors, and services organizations to save time and money by optimizing maintenance resources, improving equipment and staff productivity, increasing inventory efficiency, and strengthening their ability to collect on warranty-related claims. Infor EAM software includes reporting tools that enable better decision-making to help improve future asset performance management and profitability.

Infor’s enterprise asset management software helps companies like yours:

  • Increase labor efficiency and reduce overtime
  • Implement effective equipment-based maintenance schedules to reduce downtime
  • Manage work order processes to ensure on-time delivery
  • Reduce maintenance-related inventory levels for increased savings
  • Model various scenarios to determine optimum asset levels and drive decision making
  • Track information to improve the ability to collect on warranty claims 

The Infor EAM software solution is much more than computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), which captures only standard transaction maintenance metrics. Infor’s asset performance management solution enables enterprising companies to create a more comprehensive vision by also capturing and consolidating metrics from a variety of operational and financial systems. The result is improved visibility into not only current performance, but also into likely future performance.

Infor EAM software has been helping enterprising companies worldwide, including more than 60 percent of the Fortune 500, for over 20 years. Backed by domain experts who understand the enterprise asset management and maintenance requirements of today’s competitive businesses, Infor EAM software solutions address:

Maintenance —deploy resources for maximum effectiveness.

Inventory—optimize inventory and purchasing to save money.

Uptime—forecast likely failure points and the causes to improve uptime.

Reliability/Risk Management —predict and take action on reliability issues to prevent problems.

Strategic Planning—increase visibility into asset performance management to better align these resources with corporate goals.