Inform Software | Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence - Interactive Analysis

Inform's Business Intelligence provides unprecedented insight and analytics into the strengths and weaknesses of your past, present and future business metrics

Dynamic Dashboard
An overall view of business performance on one screen to provide optimal functionality, and ease of use.
Single Screen Overview
At a glance comparisons of sales, inventory and gross profit trends strategically organized in one overall showcase.
Measure and Achieve your Goals
Easily define company level metrics based on key performance goals, compare them to current trends and act accordingly.
Track Sales & Profit Trends 
Dynamic sales and profit tracking allows you to capitalize on current trends to maximize your business's profitability.
Unmatched Sales Tracking
Discover the core causes of lost dollars. Analyze your business by line volume, GM percent, GMROI and more.
Get Down to the smallest detail
Drill down by warehouse, product lines, individual products and more to increase sales on top ranked items and identify those needing assistance. Make the Most of Your Inventory Investment Automatic inventory ranking, turns and overheads are updated daily on your dashboard screen to provide up to date inventory analysis.
Unique Calculations for Better Projections
Inventory Overhead compares the cost of sales, current inventory on-hand, and average inventory numbers over the past 12 months providing unique product performance tracking to better gauge future needs.
Eliminate Slow Moving Items
Simple easy to use charts quickly identify D and X ranked stock for closeouts.
Watch List
Identify a list of items to watch and quickly identify, monitor, and improve problem business areas.
Capitalize on Opportunities
Follow vendors, products, salespeople, and more.  Evaluate and adjust your business strategy as trends form to discover and streamline opportunities.
Easily Track Issues
Set goals for each item added to your Watch List.  Business Intelligence will quickly identify and color code poorly performing items according to severity.