Inform Software | Event Messaging

Event Messaging

Provide unprecedented customer service with inform's automated event messaging. Never miss an event or follow-up task, and manage your inventory closer than ever before!

Monitor A/R Collection Issues
Trap orders for customers who are becoming credit risks with automatic, real time aging and credit limit checks during order entry. Lists of customers with overdue balances are automatically sent to your collection team on a daily basis, making it easy for them to solicit payments and preventing even the smallest open balances from slipping through the cracks.

Automatic Gross Profit Notification
Avoid accounting and financial reporting issues by catching orders that don't  meet your gross profit goals. Inform proactively suspends these orders and sends messages to designated managers for immediate correction. Customize this feature to reflect your gross profit goals and notify as few or as many users
as necessary.

Control Critical Inventory
Real time low stock messaging empowers your purchasing staff to respond quickly and accurately. Prevent the accumulation of dead-stock by creating informed purchase orders based on stock minimums, purchase quantities and other critical factors. Inform's sophisticated branch replenishment system automatically analyzes branch stock levels, generates transfers, and notifies warehouse personnel that the material they need is in-transit.

Quote Follow-up Reminders
Never lose a sale. Inform helps busy sales personnel track sales opportunities and bids, demonstrating on-time professional follow-up. Even after the sale, messaging reminds them to notify the customer of completed orders, shipping delays, and backordered item status.