Inform Software | Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System - WMS

Wireless Warehouse Barcode Logistics System 
DDI System's real-time RF (radio frequency) warehouse handling system provides all the features you need to achieve great efficiency and error free inventory handling. Pick and ship products, receive products, and manage your inventory levels with the same software you use for your daily accounting and front end operations. This complete state-of-the-art warehouse management system fully supports both single and multi-location operations with ease.

Remarkable Inventory Control
Inventory Management - Wireless Warehouse gives you greater control over your inventory by allowing for the breakdown of on-hand product quantities by bin location, more efficient physical inventory counting, and system-generated tasks.

Inventory Lookup
The Inform warehouse management system allows you to view inventory quantities for a product by scanning the product's barcode, entering the product number, or by entering the product’s description.
Easy-to-Use Shipping and Transfer Capabilities
Sales Order Shipping
Inform provides two methods for picking sales orders, by individual order or by truck. Picking routes are automatically assigned based on the most efficient route to maximize productivity. Print ship confirmations directly from your wireless warehouse gun saving time and resources.
Warehouse Transfers
Simply and accurately transfer product from one branch location to another. Maintain accurate inventory and avoid transfer delays
Automatic Stock Receiving and Bin Assignment
Stock Receiving
Receive vendor stock or stock transfers directly through the handheld wireless warehouse gun to ensure accurate inventory and bin assignment at all times. Print product labels instantly for all incoming stock.
Bin Assignment
The inform warehouse management system automatically tracks bin contents and assigns new bin locations as necessary based on on-hand inventory as well as receipt date. Pick lists are based on bin assignments with the option of FIFO (first in, first out) logic when necessary.
Wireless and Paperless Warehouse Management
Paperless Job Queue
Automatic system generated task lists can include sales orders to be picked, user-specified spot checks and bin transfers as well as system assigned checks to resolve discrepancies.

DDI System employs the rugged Symbol Technology LRT 3840 Laser Radio Terminal, which interfaces with Spectrum 24 1Ghz RF wireless access point..