Inform Software | Customer Pricing

Customer Pricing

Inform delivers market-specific pricing models that are highly tuned to meet the unique pricing approaches of our selected distributor markets. Our detailed pricing data conversion benefits inform users with an almost immediate return on their technology investment.
  • Margin-of-last-sale automation and sales history management for Paper, Packaging, and Janitorial distributors
  • Price Matrix using list, discount, markup and multipliers for Electrical, Plumbing, and Industrial distributors
  • LPA and rebated cost contract
  • Lot pricing, project and room bundles for quoting, purchasing, and  shipping groups of product.
  • Quotation-based pricing and quote management

"Margin-Manager" Sales-History Based Pricing
Sales History based pricing automatically maintains sell prices based upon the previous sales' profit margin.  This pricing structure, critical to the operational efficiency of Paper, Packaging, Janitorial, and Maintenance Supply distributors, allows you to set up personalized pricing for each customer. Prevent margin leakage, and expect to increase gross profits by tens of thousands annually.

Price Matrix
Unlimited flexibility with price grouping by customer category, price group and product line. Easily set up unlimited scenarios to provide the best possible customer service, reduce employee errors and achieve an optimal balance between stock levels and pricing. Adding new costs is no problem with automatic pricing updates.

Contract Pricing, Special Pricing Allowances, and Vendor Rebate Reporting
Keep your prices competitive by using price contracts to apply time-sensitive vendor rebates to selected customers. Contracts allow you to set and update net pricing, while also dictating product costs. Prices are automatically used in Sales and Purchase orders until the contract expires.
Product Import
Quickly and easily import hundreds or thousands of products, update list prices and costs,  and let inform recalculate selling prices using our multi-tiered pricing system margin. Import manufacturers' customer-specific pricing and contracts into inform's price structure.

Lot Billing
When quoting contractors on projects, inform's lot billing lets you provide one price on the entire lot, or create multiple lots to match building plan labels. Lot billing accommodates front-loading or back-loaded invoicing, hidden or exploded line-item detail, changes to lot quotations and orders, as well as line-item level procurement.