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Intuitive Advanced Analytics

The Intuitive Advanced Analytics module provides state of the art analysis tools that are unmatched in the industry. Literally hundreds of scenarios can be analyzed through the Intuitive Advanced Analytics feature.

Intuitive provides a ready-to-use set of workbooks that allow you to analyze hundreds of scenarios right out of the box. You then simply enter the scenario you need to analyze, and it is instantly provided.  If your given scenario isn’t in a pre-set workbook, workbooks can be edited and added so that you can receive analysis for virtually any scenario. You may have an unlimited number of scenarios at any given time. This is the perfect “sandbox”; you can visualize exactly what a proposed change will do for your business, not just to inventory or to the shop floor, but even to profitability.
The Intuitive Advanced Analytics Live Scorecard provides an incredibly easy, visual representation of what a change will do to those elements most important to you. You can have multiple different scenarios (solutions) for a given problem all listed on the Live Scorecard and rated based on the metrics provided by you. These metrics are weighted according to your priority, and can include On-Time Deliveries, Revenue, Profitability, and more