Intuitive ERP | Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Intuitive ERP contains a complete A/P system, including A/P invoice entry (miscellaneous and integrated to receivers), debit memos, recurring A/P, material burden, automatic and manual selection of invoices for payment, check processing and printing, and bank reconciliation.

As raw materials arrive on your dock from your vendors, invoices will also be arriving in your Accounts Payable department. Intuitive ERP provides the tools you need to enter invoice data, generate payments for vendors, and eventually reconcile your bank statement regarding the payments.

The Intuitive ERP A/P provides a method of entering invoices, matching invoices to receiving records, and assigning approval codes. This process creates A/P records against which checks can be issued. You can also set up recurring A/P entries for regular payments.

Processing checks is an automatic process that creates checks for all invoices that have been selected for payment.

Complete variance tracking between the accounting value of the item and the actual purchase price is retained and automatically calculated.

The multiple accounts payable reports available within Intuitive ERP allow you to organize A/P records into buckets and displays a time-phased A/P status, view the detail behind each invoice, list all invoices that were selected for payment, list invoices that will be paid the next time checks are processed, print checks, and more.