Intuitive ERP | Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Intuitive ERP contains a complete A/R system, including invoicing, cash receipts, full reporting, multiple A/R accounts, credits, and more

Intuitive ERP supports all different types of terms: split terms, pre-payments, due on a specific date, due on X day of month, free month, or any combination of these on a single invoice.

Generating and printing invoices in Intuitive ERP is a one-step process that offers a great deal of flexibility and control over which invoices are processed. After a sales order has been shipped, Intuitive ERP A/R flags that sales order for invoicing. Every delivery that has been flagged for invoicing will be compared and selected for invoicing based upon criteria you specify. The user has visibility into the shipments selected for invoicing, and may hold some or all based on this information. Invoices may also be consolidated into master invoices at this point.

The A/R account specified in each sales order will be utilized when the invoice is generated. This account number defaults into each order based on the default for the customer.

When payments are received from customers, the payments are applied against invoices in the system. Payment is supported from checks, wires, cash, and credit cards. Miscellaneous cash receipts (cash received not against an invoice) is also supported, are are prepayments, overpayments, and credits.