Intuitive ERP | Cash Flow

Budgeting & Cash Flow

Defining and monitoring a budget is a critical step in the process of managing any business. Without the right tools, preparing, distributing, and collecting budget workbooks can be time consuming and cumbersome, and departmental or company consolidations can be a nightmare.

Intuitive ERP provides you with a distributed, enterprise-wide budgeting tool that automates creation, distribution, and collection of Microsoft Excel-based budget input and simplifies the revision process so you can focus on establishing the optimum plan.

You can generate and distribute customized budget templates throughout the entire organization. Completed budget sheets are consolidated to the financial data warehouse for reporting. You can also easily maintain alternative budget-specific tables. Wizards are also provided to help you complete the budgeting process.

You can also compare actual period-to-date and year-to-date performance to the budgeted amounts.

To assess and monitor cash flow, Intuitive ERP exports general ledger data to an Excel spreadsheet to analyze changes in your cash position.