Intuitive ERP | Multi Facility Consolidation

Multi-Plant Operations

With plants across town or across the world, your company's success depends on the strength of the business systems in each of your locations. And whether you are a corporate controller or operations plant manager, those systems need to provide you with increased productivity, improved inventory management and greater cash-flow generation.

The challenge has been to meet the seemingly conflicting objectives of maintaining corporate oversight and management while providing the local business unit flexibility that has given you a competitive advantage. The solution is Intuitive ERP™ from Intuitive Manufacturing Systems.

Intuitive ERP meets the challenges of a multi-plant environment:

  • Corporate-level consolidation of critical business information provides the management team with a global view of operations and a drill-down capability to manage issues.
  • Sophisticated functionality without the complexity of monolithic or bureaucratic systems, empowers employees to make faster and more accurate business decisions.
  • Flexibility and expandability reduce long-term operating costs while supporting the unique business needs of each division or plant.
  • A standardized and easy-to-administer IT infrastructure can be centralized, web deployed or distributed to reduce installation, training and maintenance costs.
  • The system architecture enables technological integration with larger ERP systems.