Intuitive ERP | Payroll


Intuitive HR is a complete employee tracking and benefits management system designed for the mid-market that can help you eliminate tedious administrative tasks so you can focus on managing your most important and valuable resources: your employees.

As part of the Intuitive enterprise solution, the Intuitive HR module is easy to use, has extensive reporting capabilities, and gives you the tools to:

  • Manage every aspect of employee information
  • Simplify employee benefits management
  • Organize and streamline the hiring process
  • Improve employee satisfaction

Intuitive Payroll is a complete .NET payroll system designed for the middle market that makes processing your payroll fast and efficient. Intuitive Payroll will help you enter, maintain, process and report on crucial payroll information. And, because you access it via a web browser, you can enter and maintain your data and process your payroll from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Intuitive Payroll allows flexible printing of payroll checks; they may be printed as needed, on demand. In addition, you can run a trial payroll with full editing capability to provide complete visibility and confidence in accuracy before payroll is processed. Intuitive Payroll includes a powerful tax compliance calculation engine that assures accurate results every single payroll.