Intuitive ERP | Return Materials Authorization

Return Materials Authorization

Managing the return of product from customers is another area you can leverage to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. The quicker you can disposition defective or disputed parts, the faster you can turn a dissatisfied customer into a good reference. Our return material functionality provides you with the ability to ensure a thoroughly professional approach in this sensitive area of customer service.

  • Receive returned material into a special inventory account
  • Receive and process sample returns before authorizing a full return of materials
  • Inspect returned materials
  • Automatically credit the customer's account

The Return Material Authorization (RMA) module included with the Intuitive solution provides complete return material capability. Parts can be returned even if there is no existing sales order record (the return of a component for example). The RMA module provides you with complete tracking functionality, from assigning an RMA number for the customer, dispositioning samples (optional), receiving the returned materials, and dispositioning all returns. Credit memos and replacement orders can be automatically generated if desired.

Managing this inventory once it is returned is also important to the profitability of your company. The RMA module applies the same level of inventory management to returned items as is applied to production inventory. All material can be processed through inspection, accepted into inventory, sent to rework or scrapped to an expense account.