Intuitive ERP | Bill of Materials

Visual Bill of Material

Intuitive ERP's flexible Bill of Material management functionality allows you to increase production cost control and resource management efficiency. With Intuitive ERP, you can proficiently create and manage multi-level bills of material with unlimited components or levels.

The Visual Bills of Material form is used to display a graphical representation of the BOM. You may drill-down into any component relationship from the Visual BOM.

The Bills of Material form is used to add or alter bill of material records. Through the BOM form you can control the effectivity of changes to the bill of material by using effective start and stop dates. This is an excellent way of imposing revision control for your bills, and of pre-planning for changes. Multiple other features are available through this form as well, including scrap related to the manufacture of this component into this parent, substitute items, and lead time offsets.

Methods of easy maintenance, such as Mass Replace, Copy Bill, Loop Check and more ensure your BOMs are current and accurate. Intuitive ERP also includes extensive reports on product structures and parent/component item relationships