Intuitive ERP | Routings


Routings serve as the instruction sheets that guide materials through shop floor operations. Intuitive ERP maintains the integrity of your routing data to ensure you can track job costs precisely and maintain an accurate production schedule.

In Intuitive ERP, standard processes are saved so you do not need to enter a complete routing for each step on each individual item -- you may simply choose a standard process for each routing sequence. You may also enter additional data that will modify the standard process for a particular routing only. Routings may also be copied from one item to a similar item for easy data entry.

The type of data entered for each routing includes the associated work center where this routing step occurs, machine ID, tool kit, times, etc. An unlimited length memo field is provided for detailed instructions and may also have associated video clips or documents for even more detailed information.

Intuitive ERP provides detailed item costs with the routing rollup functionality, which calculates precise cost amounts for any or all manufactured items