Intuitive ERP | Quote


Intuitive's quoting solution shortens the sales cycle and automates order processing. The faster you can configure and quote an order, the faster you can realize revenue.

  • Provide quotes and estimates
  • Create and quote new items, bills of material and routings on-the-fly
  • Provide customer- specific or volume discounts
  • Check item availability and promise deliveries
  • View customer status and history
  • Convert quotes to sales orders automatically

Our Quoting functionality allows you to enter and maintain quotes that may be automatically converted to sales orders. You can track quotes by customer, date, or follow-up date and manage by revision level.

New items can be created during the quoting process. You can also copy an existing item, modify the routing or bill for a new cost, and configure an item on-the-fly through the configurator. If you quote a new item from any of the above methods, the item, bill of material, and routing will be created automatically when the quote is converted to a sales order.

The quoting module is fully integrated into both the Intuitive ERP price matrix (for end items) and the bid matrix (for component items).

A cover letter functionality allows you to establish a Microsoft Word document template as a cover letter for each quote, or to connect any other required document to a standard quote.

The quoting system includes an approvals system, as does our sales order processing, engineering change order, and purchasing modules. You may establish an unlimited number of contacts (inside or outside of your company) who will receive automatic e-mail notification of a quote and ask for their approval or disapproval. The automatic method of requesting approvals increases control while decreasing time requirements.

After your quote has been approved, you can easily convert quotes to sales orders automatically, eliminating manual data input errors. The entire quote does not have to be converted at once; lines of the quote may be individually selected for conversion to a sales order.

Several reports are also available with the Intuitive ERP Quoting option. These reports provide the functionality to print individual quotes, print a listing of all quotes in the system according to customer, item, etc., and also a follow-up report that is used as an action list for salespeople on open quotes.