Intuitive ERP | Capable to Promise

Promise Deliveries

The availability of items in your system is an important piece of information that is necessary for planning future production and making sales commitments. The Intuitive ERP capable to promise (CTP) functionality answers the questions: "How much can I promise to a new demand on any day, creating and actually planning for this demand?"

CTP can be called from within a sales order, quote, or a number of other locations for immediate access to CTP information. When utilizing CTP from within a sales order, each delivery can have an immediate feasibility test run, telling the user whether the materials can be shipped on the date requested, and if not, when those materials can be shipped. The user can save the plan immediately and commit that order with no extra steps.

While available to promise (ATP) functionality just interrogates and analyzes the current production plan, CTP is actually an advanced planning process that can generate new planned orders. If, through ATP, you are unable to find sufficient inventory to cover a new demand, CTP can then be invoked to take the next step. CTP provides the ability to determine whether the new demand can be filled by creating additional production and/or purchase orders. And, CTP calculates the earliest feasible date that this new production could be completed and your demand covered. CTP informs you of the new planned orders that would be required (what items need to be produced and/or purchased, order start and end dates, quantities, etc.) and allows you to then decide if those orders should be added to the production schedule.