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The Intuitive SupplyWorks system for multi-location supplier collaboration extends ERP functionality with supply chain management (SCM) features such as supply chain visibility, synchronization, automated replenishment, and performance measurements through a web-based supplier portal.

Supplier Visibility

Web portal provides both buyers and suppliers with visibility of forecasts, order status, shipments (including ASN status), inventory levels, alert conditions, payment status.

Collaborative Supply Planning


Two-way information exchange in reviewing demand as well as scheduling and confirming shipments in order to collaborate on replenishment.

Procurement Execution


Focus attention on strategic sourcing and other critical issues while freeing up professional time from low-value-added clerical tasks.

Alerts & Notifications


Receive an alert when a problem needs attention allowing routine replenishment activities to occur automatically.



Consolidate multiple locations of demand when sourcing to multiple locations of supply.

Automated Replenishment


Have at your disposal the industry’s broadest range of built-in replenishment algorithms, including min-max, consumption-based, MRP-planned, and wireless Kanban, to ensure an optimal “plan for every part.”

Supplier Performance Measurement


Measure key performance variables for each supplier, including on-time deliveries, shipment accuracy, inventory metrics, and direct material spend analysis.